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Frequently Asked Questions

Eanes ISD Enrichment Programs bring you lots of non-credit classes to choose from – all held in convenient locations right in your own neighborhood. Classes are held on weekday afternoons and evenings, and weekends. Have you always wanted to play the guitar? Are you searching for help in finding a meaningful career? Would you like to learn new computer skills in a user-friendly environment? Now is the time – to explore the possibilities:
Q: What types of Enrichment Courses are offered?
A: We offer various types of classes, from art classes to computer classes, to sports classes, music classes, language classes, STEM classes, and many more.

Q: My student is not enrolled in Eanes ISD. Can they attend a class?
No, students must be enrolled during the academic school year and attend class on an EISD campus.
      **Summer classes are open to everyone, regardless of their school attendance**

Q: Who takes our classes?
A: People like you, people who realize that learning is a life-long process. People who seek personal and professional growth; entertainment and education; new ideas and new experiences, and who enjoy the company of others who seek the same.
Q: How do you get started?
A: Look online at all our programs and classes. Our staff is happy to help answer any questions you might have. Continue reading our FAQ, and if we have still not managed to answer your question(s,) please give us a call.
Q: Who teaches the classes?
A: Our instructors are teachers, artists, writers, computer programmers, chefs, therapists, doctors, athletes, attorneys, and business people who come to share their knowledge and training simply because they love what they do. Our instructor biographies will introduce you to their experience, talent, and training.
Q: May I "reserve" a place in the class? How do I register?
A: Registration can be done online or over the phone. We do not hold spots. The best way to ensure your space in the class is by registering and paying for the class now.
Q: Can I send a snack? 
A: Yes, you can; we encourage you to send snacks with your student. We are a nut-free program, do not send any snacks with nuts. Please make sure your instructors know of any life-threatening allergies, including and not limited to nuts, bee stings, fire ant bites, and any others.
Q: Is there a registration deadline?
A: You can register as late as the first day of class, but by waiting you run the risk of the class either being full or being canceled. Usually final class decisions are made 72 hours in advance (1 week in the summer months). We would hate to cancel a class without knowing about your interest in taking it.
Q: What if I cannot attend all the sessions?
A: Missing a class once in a while is okay – we know the students who take our classes are people with busy schedules and vibrant lives! Because these are non-credit courses, you will not be penalized for missing a class, and you cannot get a refund for any classes missed.
Q: Do you offer discounts for seniors, siblings, or multiple classes?
A: We do not offer any discounts at this time.
Q: What are the material fees?
A: The fees cover materials, supplies, equipment rental, or other items the instructor plans to use in the class. These costs are passed on directly to the instructor, and we do not profit from them. You pay for the materials at the time of registration.
Q: What happens if the course is closed?
A: If the course fills up and is closed, you can add yourself to the waiting list. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you via email and notify you of the open spot. Every effort will be made to accommodate you – we've been known to create new class sections to meet your needs.
Q: Where will my class be held?
A: Most of our after-school enrichment classes are held on the EISD campuses, except a few classes that meet off campus. You can view class locations when you register. Off-campus location will also be given at the time of registration.
Q: How do I know that I am registered?
A: Once you have registered you will receive an email at the email provided when you created your profile. If you do not receive this confirmation, contact the Enrichment Staff at to confirm your registration.  
Q: How do you get started?
Look online at all our programs and classes. Our staff is more than happy to help answer any questions you might have. Continue reading our FAQ, and if we have still not managed to answer your question(s) please give us a call.
Q: Are refunds given?
A: 100% refunds are given for classes that are canceled by the instructor or by Enrichment Programs. A 90% refund will be given to written requests 1 week prior to the start of the class. We cannot accommodate refund requests after this time frame, including illness or quarantine. The full Refund Policy can be found HERE.
Q: What happens if my student is disruptive?
A: The class instructor will contact the parent and provide information regarding the student's behavior. There will be one warning, and if there is no improvement, the student will be removed from class. If the behavior is extreme, no warning will be given; the event will result in immediate dismissal, and no refund will be given.  

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