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Please update your child's SMART TAG. This is the ONLY way your student will be escorted to the designated meeting spot at your campus. Please make sure you update this before the first day of class. No class on Early Release days. NO SMART TAG during the summer.

All camps and classes are Nut-Free.

Please make sure your instructors know of any life-threatening allergies.

Summer Camps and Classes Instructions:

Please read and follow all drop-off and pick-up instructions that your Coach or Instructor will email you for the summer session. 

No SMART TAG during the summer hours.

Academic School Year Instructions:


ARRIVAL: Academic School year only

Everyone must have a badge from our office and check in each time at the campus front office.
Barton Creek Elementary
Instructors meet students at in the gym, and arrive at 2:30pm
Bridge Point Elementary
Instructors meet students in the classroom, arrive at 2:30 pm
Cedar Creek Elementary
Instructors meet students in the Commons.
Eanes Elementary
Instructors meet students in the cafeteria, arrive at 2:30 pm.
Forest Trail Elementary
Instructors meet students in front of the Art rooms.
Valley View Elementary
Instructors meet students in front of the Library.
Hill Country Middle School
West Ridge Middle School
Westlake High School
Instructors will meet students at the meeting room location. 


Students are escorted to the front of the school to be met by their parents for pick-up after class. EASY Care students are checked in with the EASY Care Program. Barton Creek and Eanes ES have different dismissal locations.
Parents that arrive late for pick up may be charged a late pickup fee. This should be paid directly to the instructor as they are the one inconvenienced. Parents who are repeatedly late picking up their students may have their students removed without a refund of fees. This is something that will be discussed with the Enrichment Program Staff before any action is taken.